Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A new blog

So my last attempt at posting here regularlarly was a colossal fail. I have some notes from holidays and things that I may upload and backdate for my own amusement, but otherwise please excuse the 2-year gap!

Things are tremendously exciting at the moment; I am about to go away to the United Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches' Readiness to Enter Vocational Ministry conference (that's MCC REVM to those in the know). I'm very nervous, it could be the start of a wonderful journey.

So I thought I would use this space for general musings of a thoughtful nature. As you do. My work at a student union has given me lots of food for thought over the year about everything from the importance of the welfare state to the frustrating nature of the free press(!), and it's a wonderful self-indulgence to have a bit of webspace to muse aloud into the ether.

So, if you are so inclined, please indulge me in that.