Thursday, 17 June 2010

Review: Kit and the Widow

Kit and the Widow were playing the Hampstead Theatre tonight, so I went along with my sister, her fiancé and a couple of my friends.

As ever, totally sidesplitting. Although there always moments when I find the humour crosses boundaries for me (the Romany Caprice, for example, if anyone knows it), but you can't help laughing (albeit guiltily).

Kit's interpretation of The Flight of the Bumblebee ("The Vol du Bourdon, or Who Stole my Chocolate Biscuit?") was a highlight, as was a new song about the sex lives of the Lib Dems and White Van Man, which is not new but is new to me.

We also had the pleasure of meeting them briefly after the performance, and had a quick chat with The Widow, who recognised us ("Oh, good Lord, it's the whole of the front row!"). Tori's fiancé is albino is sure that he managed to throw The Widow off slightly, because when he was bantering with the audience he decided to pick on the person on the end of the front row and then seemed to pull a face that said "oh, no, what can I say that's not offensive about the albino man?!". Lovely.

For the uninitiated, here are a couple of verses from a song about Obama that may, sadly, soon be outmoded.

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