Sunday, 1 July 2012

Morning on the orthopaedics ward

I didn't sleep very well last night - there is a woman with dementia on the ward who gets very confused at night. The lights on the ward go out around 12:30 and come on again at 5:30. We get a cuppa at 6, but it's a bit weak for my taste. This is an eternal problem for the Englishman away from home - no one else makes tea how I like it!

The nurses are delightful, and I've just had my first meal since yesterday morning. When I arrived on the ward, they'd already had dinner so I had some bread and butter and a cup of tea around 9pm. I'm not sure if it's my hunger speaking, but I think the food is pretty good. Vegetarianism catered for and icecream at lunch time. It can't be bad for me if it's provided by the NHS, right?

Visiting starts in a couple of hours. I'm expecting Mum and Dad. They've cut a visit up north short. They were meant to be visiting family friends on the way back from a wedding, but have decided to come down to the southwest instead. Amy might also pop in, which would be excellent. She's at a spa today winding down from last night's hen frivolities. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures!

The surgical team visited this morning, but my ankle is still too swollen to operate. It might be tomorrow, or as late as Wednesday. If they can operate tomorrow it's not worth being transferred home. It's no easier for most of my friends to visit Wycombe, anyway, and I like and trust the doctors here now. I'll see what Mum and Dad think.

I'm beginning to realise what an impact this might really have. At first it was just funny, but now I'm having to have assistance with almost everything (I insist on dressing myself and using the commode alone - but the fact I have to use a commode is pretty awkward). I obviously won't be at church today, but it doesn't seem very likely I'll be able to march with LGSW in WorldPride London either, and I've been looking forward to that all year. I'm not even sure if I can continue as a GamesMaker for London 2012, which would be a devastating loss.

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