Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Physio-terrorists, surgery and plaster

Aside from Rosie, a nurse who works on the orthopaedic ward and always has a terrible joke to hand, hospital staff don't seem to make many jokes. One of the few universals is to refer to the (very nice) physiotherapists as 'physio-terrorists'.

I had an operation yesterday morning. Hilariously like a medical drama, viewing everyone from parallel to the floor. The surgeon had a blue cover over his beard, which under the beginnings of an anaesthetic was the funniest thing ever. Seriously.

Apparently the arrow worked, I came round with pain in the right (i.e. left) leg, and the temporary cast restored. Had a new cast put on by the plaster room (disappointingly white, but I guess that just means people can come and visit and draw on it, right?). Then pretty quickly started working on crutches technique with the physios, originally hoping I could go home tonight.

Unfortunately, I'm still quite woozy and nauseated from the anaesthetic so I didn't get very far. I'm not able to use my crutches properly. Instead of keeping my arms pinned to my side and leaning through them, I seem to just hop. It's not ideal, but it works and my upper-body-strength is pretty shit. If I'd known I was going to break my leg I would have trained for it!

So, given that I'm particularly dangerous on stairs, I've got to try and sleep it off and have another go tomorrow. All being well I'll be home in time for book club chat and my moderator shift tomorrow night.

Dinner time. No visitors today, but Mum brought Joshua, Luke and Tori yesterday. Was really nice to see them. Apparently they visited twice, but at 2pm I was only an hour out of surgery and don't remember them being there!

Legally stoned, waking up from an anaesthetic.
(Me, not the baby.)

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